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Service and Support

Service and tech support

Talk to one of our technicians and get expert support. Our teams are trained to assist you in resolving issues related to our products and accessories, as much as for using them or to obtain technical support.


Use the support form. Send email to or call (11) 5510-7400 / (11) 5510-7401.

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Calibration scheduling

Our equipment is built under strict technical parameters, providing a high degree of fidelity to the measurements you perform on your patients. To ensure this accuracy, the equipment must be periodically calibrated.


To request a calibration, complete and send the form below, send an email to or call (11) 5510-7400 / (11) 5510-7401.

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Need more information?

We are here to help you! Please make contact via below contact data or online chat.

0800-772-0072 (Sales – SP)

0800-092-0800 (Sales– MG)

Address - SP
Rua Alexandre Finta, 99 - Jd. Capelinha.

São Paulo/SP - CEP: 05850-090

Address - MG
Rua Pedro Borsato, 41 - Jd. Palmeiras

Santa Rita do Sapucaí/MG  - CEP: 37540-000

Talk to us
Phone SP: 55 (11) 5510-7400

Phone MG: 55 (35) 0800-092-0800

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