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Meditron is a specialist in apparatus for the diagnosis and solution of sleep disorders, electroencephalography, audiology and a pioneer in the development of new treatment and diagnostic tools in Brazil. Meditron has more than 35 years in the health technology market. With a multidisciplinary and multinational team, the company provides the Brazilian market with significant advances not just about functionalities, but for the relevant investment in the specific design for portability, durability and functionality according to current technological trends. When expanding to Santa Rita do Sapucaí, the so-called "Brazilian Silicon Valley", the new brand MEDSUPPLY was created, which manufactures some of the products of the catalog, to take advantage of access to professionals of international level who are concentrated in the region, consolidating the company's first steps towards international expansion. In 2017, MEDITRON / MEDSUPPLY opens its first american office, focusing not only on the export of brazilian technology but also on the participation of the know-how only available in North America, recognized leader in the development and research of technologies for health .  MEDITRON / MEDSUPPLY has established itself as a pioneer and leader in the market for health technology in Brazil and now takes the name and image of that country to the world offering international quality products.

MISSION -Differentiate in the market because of the quality and technology of its products and services.


VISION - To be a company internationally recognized by it's innovative technology and superior products and services quality.


VALUES -To train and retain valued professionals. Constantly exceed the expectations of your customers. Keep your focus on respect for life, society and the environment. Interact with customers in the continuous search for solutions in the service.

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0800-772-0072 (Sales – SP)

0800-092-0800 (Sales– MG)

Address - SP
Rua Alexandre Finta, 99 - Jd. Capelinha.

São Paulo/SP - CEP: 05850-090

Address - MG
Rua Pedro Borsato, 41 - Jd. Palmeiras

Santa Rita do Sapucaí/MG  - CEP: 37540-000

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Phone SP: 55 (11) 5510-7400

Phone MG: 55 (35) 0800-092-0800

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