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Violin 8kHz

ANVISA certified.

The Violin 8kHz is a model with simplified functions compared to Violin HF, being ideal for occupational medicine. For its user-friendly interface and robust software, the Violin 8kHz offers the best value in its category, delivering a lot of functions for a more affordable value.


Like the entire Violin line, the Violin 8Khz model is also certified by ANVISA as part of the only line of brazilian certified audiometers, with 100% national design, manufacture and maintenance.


The 8kHz Violin can be upgraded at the factory, being transformed into a Violin HF (20kHz), by purchasing the 20kHz license and sending the device to the manufacturer, offering more economy when you wish to invest in your equipment. See below a comparative table among all models of the Violin line and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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